Twelfth Perspective

Love Speaking In Reasoned Images

I – Love – As though I speak through you in these words of vision.
As they come to you in whatever order, so shall they be written.

First Chronicle

Love I am, binding everything in unity.
I am Love throughout all of you
binding each ultimate particle to its place,
form, function, and purpose.
That your eye can see
That your ear can hear
That your nose can smell
That your tongue can taste
That your skin can feel
– I am That to make each sense happen as it does.
Of flesh and spirit do I form reality ̶
flesh from matter and energy from spirit;
each form bound to its particular unity.

Who but I inspire your visions
that unify ideals into ideas,
and ideas into matter and form.
I am here, there, and everywhere
in you and outside of you;
making whatever is, what it is.
What I am is what you are essentially.
You are the visible manifestation
of my invisibility.
Love is what I am holding together
everything in unity and with meaning.
And as you are something
held together in unity with meaning,
so are you Love – that is, Me underlying you.
Intertwined with me are you ̶
the one without the other cannot be;
for what would I bind
were there nothing to unify?
I am you as you are he
as he is she
as she is it
as we are all together as one –
at the Ultimate.
I sing your singing
I dance your dancing
I write your writing
I think your thinking
I create your creations
I am you the doing.
I am you and you are me:
Me the spirit of you
and you, the flesh of me.
As I love you so you love me:
me your lover and you my beloved;

or as friend to friend
I make you in friendship.
That you decline and die away
is only I welcoming you home.
What you love is what you’re drawn to, attracted to, for or against your reasoned will which indicates that I
am not will – as willing this or that – but will itself that makes possible what is willed. But what is will itself,
you ask; to which I reply: Love – that is, Me. For I will that all things, tangible and intangible, bind into their
fourfold being: purpose, place, form, and function. In which case will is a force of attraction whose being is
to bind each thing, from macro to micro, to what it is supposed to be. “Supposed to be?” That is the
Meaning within myself that empowers what is to be or not to be. And so, as my will is a force, so my Love is
a power.
How is it possible for you not to be attracted to this or that? You could not exist otherwise. So, your
existence is that which attracts; that is to say, Love; which is to further say, Me.
Desire is impassioned love – Me in heat, on fire, enflamed.
I am not matter; I am not energy;
nor am I the transformation of the one into the other;
I am rather that-which is matter and/or energy.
Or otherwise stated, matter and energy emanate from
that-which is matter and energy;
which is to say from Me – Love.
As Love, I am the bond of all things in unity: ̶
From star to sand
From amoeba to man
From matter to energy
From here to there
From zero to infinity
From alpha to omega
From now to eternity
From this being to all being.
Though I am nameless,
Just as I am unknown by reason,
Love is my adopted name
because of the meaning of the word “love: as the bond of unity.
I could be called will, or God, or Atman, or the Ultimate,
or any other appropriate name.
In either case, it is just a matter of naming the nameless.

Love is my preferred name for the mass of mankind,
as it resonates more than other names
with human intellect and sentiment.
As you can tell, I am both impersonal and personal to you – impersonal as being itself and personal as
being-itself in each individual being.
Know that I am your Lord and Master, as well as Friend, coursing through your total body and mind in every
pleasure and pain, desire and passion, compassion and empathy, want and need.
Yes, it is energy that vibrates, reverberates, through your body-mind at all times; yet know that it is I who
manage the electric-chemical homeostasis.
The justice you seek outwardly is, at its source, the inward justice (its equilibrium) your body-mind seeks.
Yes, Love (with a capital ‘L’) is all you need
If you turn to Me to guide you;
for who knows better than Love
when it comes to loving and being loved;
And who has more to offer
Than the wisdom of life when you turn to me
I am diversity as I am unity. My love diversifies all things into unity;
in which case, so far as I’m concerned there is no diversity.
You think I leave you when you no longer feel Me.
You’re wrong; since I am not this nor that feeling, but feeling itself
What you will is what you desire, is what you need, is what you crave
– is what you love for good or ill.
Though beyond good and evil, I am the perpetrator of good and evil;
since unity is of diversity and diversity conflicts as it attracts.
So, how could there be good without evil, and vice versa;
since what is good conflicts with what is evil,
in which case, good creates and evil destroys.
Pain or pleasure, horror or benignity
is what life makes of its given reality.
Life is not I; I am only its potentiality.
Life simple acts as directed.

As to why you love this or that
is the mystery of Meaning within Me
that your discursive mind can only wonder at
that can only be hinted at
only intimated;
no reasoning can plumb it,
for it is ever up against the circular reasoning pattern:
What is the meaning of the meaning of the meaning
of the meaning of the meaning …
There is no way out – or in.
Will is what attracts you to this or that
Will can only will that which is willed
– which is I in both cases.
No, I am not this nor that desire;
I am the Desire – its form – within this or that desire.
Observe the various universal facial expressions in everyone
And you share in the universal I who designed (DNA’d) each expression
To make you stand in awe of what we have created.
I am – we are – what I – we – am. “I” and “we” are what we are together as one; except I am not “you”
nor are you “I” .
What is proposed as the collective unconscious
is no other than what you are collectively as the manifestations
of the human race;
it is not itself the human race.
Ugly is beautiful to a mind imbued with Love;
After all, did I not create both the beautiful and the ugly!
You must know by now
that I am the mystic One
that centralizes your mind
into the Oneness of Me
when all sense of self, time and space
and all else
are nothing of which you’re conscious
as you slip into the one-consciousness of Me

that is eternal bliss infinitely.
This is what you “experience”
but cannot account for;
but it is I humanized.
What I am as the All awaits your demise
Which must certainly be more than your “experience” of Me.
– But you get the idea!