Eighth Perspective

The Meaning of Love

1st Series

  1         Meaning is the essence and being of the world.

  2         The world means what it is.

  3         Love is the meaning of the world.

  4         Love wills the world.

  5         The world is will in all its physical and relational manifestations.

  6         The will is not the essence of the world (Schopenhauer); the will is the world.

  7         The power to will is the impetus that wills the world; which is the meaning of all that wills.

  8         The will to power is not the essence of the world (Nietzsche); the power to will is the essence of the world as being.

  9         Love unifies. That is the power of meaning.

10          The unifying power of love is the meaning of the world. And this unifying power is the Meaning of Love.

The Love Testament: Eighth Perspective

Sixth Perspective

Love “Thought-Feelings” in Prose & Verse

2:7         Of Love I write in accents deep
              as inward bond of unity.
              Love it binds all things as one
              as ordered will through Meaning’s bliss.

2:7.1      In the beginning at the end
              when past and present and future meet,
              pure limitless, underlying Love
              bathes our being in radiance.

2:7.2      Love is Meaning; Meaning, Bliss.
              that is all we need to know;
              for Love is will to-be-at-one,
              and Meaning is one-will in Bliss.

2:7.3      As Planets spin and atoms swirl
              as good and evil interact,
              one Will gives ordered meaning to
              their ultimate identity.

2:7.4      Though Love with strife do rule the world,
              strife is but Love’s consequence;
              for toward good and bad we are inclined.
              In either case, it’s what we love.

2:7.5     Passion for what we desire,
              sympathy for all that lives,
              is ardent will to be-at-one
              with that of which we’re separate.

2:7.6      Erotic love joins body-mind
              of masculine and feminine
              to propagate oneself from two
              for immortality of life.

2:7.7      Sex release for self alone
              with another, or oneself,
              is love of sex as urge and thrust;
              not sex as womb and phallic Love.

2:7.8      Do right, be true, to all, to you;
              understand yourself in all.
              Accomplish this in vibrant grace,
              then know through Love you share in Being.

 2:9        “Everything is relative”—true;
              relative to this or that;
              and Love, being both this and that,
              is unity relative to none.

  2:9.1   Love, Meaning, and their Bliss–these three
              are but the same in Unity:
              Love binds, Meaning knows all things,
              their Bliss shines on eternally.

The Love Testament: Sixth Perspective